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At Building Biology NSW we’re passionate about creating spaces that are in touch with the world around us. We believe that the buildings we live, work and learn in aren’t just roofs over our heads, but environments that form the framework for our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Kelly Abeleven, a Building Biologist (Advanced Diploma), Environmental Health Consultant, certified Water Damage Restoration professional and speaker focuses with clients on optimal wellness principles in the home, schools and workplace.

Kelly is an advocate for children’s environmental health; in the home, schools, public buildings and the health of the planet. Kelly educates people to live in harmony with nature and to provide healthy, liveable, and low impact buildings with reduced EMF exposure, reduced allergens, less chemicals, and improved air and water quality. Kelly inspires her clients towards making lifestyle changes in their homes that significantly improve their health and the health of their family. She encourages the creation of natural and healthy environments that form the framework for our physical, mental and spiritual health. Kelly serves as the President of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists (ASBB).

Perhaps you think this is a first world problem? That many in the world are in need of shelter – but how we build our homes and workplaces now has a significant impact upon the future wellbeing of our planet and the health of future generations.

Glue and resins used to make furniture, curtains, cabinets, paint, varnishes and plastics emit gases called volatile organic compounds that are linked to numerous health effects.

Mould, due to water leaks and spills or high humidity and a lack of ventilation, can cause serious respiratory problems, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, allergies, fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, depression and has even caused death in infants.

AC magnetic fields are emitted from the building wiring and appliances when they are operating. Long term, low level exposure to AC magnetic fields emitted from high voltage transmission lines, power lines, meter panels, solar inverters as well as appliances that are in use such as sleeping on a wall adjacent to a fridge, electric hot water system, solar inverter etc can cause long term exposure to electromagnetic fields. Radiofrequency electromagnetic energy is used in telecommunications and wireless devices such as mobile and cordless phones along with many other wireless devices including baby monitors, tablets and routers. These also cause long term exposure to electromagnetic fields. Studies have shown health issues that could be triggered by electromagnetic fields include cancer (brain tumours, childhood leukemia), neurodegenerative diseases, macular degeneration, chronic fatigue syndrome, eczema, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, infertility, hormonal disorders, migraine headaches and learning and neurobehavioural disorders like autism.

Synthetic chemicals in toothpaste, shampoo, soap, cream, deodorant, hairspray, etc. all add to the toxic load in our bodies. The use of antibacterials, preservatives etc decreases the biodiversity of microbes on our skin making it too sterile and the immune system overreacts causing allergies.

Toxicity builds up in the body – signs could include headaches, skin rashes, sleeplessness, sore eyes, runny nose, sinusitis, persistent coughs and colds, fatigue, brain fog, sore throat, stomach aches etc. It can progress into more serious problems like liver damage, kidney damage and cancer if the environmental factor/s are not identified and removed.

Booking a consultation with us today could be the first step in your journey to creating a natural and healthy environment to live and work in.