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Chemicals, Hormones, Obesogens and More!

  In no period of our history have we been so concerned about the subject of toxic overload. We are seeing a completely different food, chemical, man-made radiation and social landscape than we have seen ever before. With these changes, and the positives some changes bring, we must observe that in no period of history […]

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Essential Oils and Your Healthy Home

Essential oils are a highly concentrated and complex group of constituents derived from herbs, fruit or plants. Their properties and applications are diverse. Essential oils are detoxifying: pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly oxygenating. In fact pure essential oils are scientifically documented to carry the highest level of oxygenating molecules of any substance known to […]

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Autism and environmental influences

A neurodevelopmental condition, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are characterised by deficits in social interaction, impaired communication, obsessive and/or stereotyped patterns of behaviour and repetitive movements (Sealey et al. 2016). Research strongly supports a significant influence of environmental factors in addition to genetic factors in the aetiology of ASD. Up to 40-50% of the variation in […]

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