Healthy Families

real estate, home insurance and happiness concept - close up ofDo you have a family with young children or are you planning on starting a family soon? Building Biology NSW can assess EMF levels, allergens and the quality of your air and water to make sure your home is in the best condition for the children in the house.

Little bodies are more susceptible to the diseases and contagions that could be floating around, so the need for a healthy home is paramount as soon as your family has any children; it’s one thing to leave your own health up to chance, but nothing is worth risking the health of any little ones under your care.

Do your children have any allergies?

Do you have any allergies?

Have you noticed any health problems that start to clear up when you’re not at home?

If any of these questions hit home for you, contact Building Biology NSW to discuss how removing toxins from your home may help.