Liveable, chemical free, low-impact housing

The health of the planet, the air we breathe, the water we drink, has an obvious and direct relationship to our own health and well-being. A healthy home is the creation of a healthy indoor environment by allowing a building to ‘breathe’ and by using natural materials and processes to regulate temperature, humidity, airflow and quality. The home also has to be protected and insulated from external and internal noise for a more pleasant living environment with the design focusing on creating a healthy environment that functions in synchronicity with its environment.

A mission statement from Derek Wrigley in his book titled Making Your Home Sustainable from an anonymous author sums it up perfectly. “Our green buildings will not poison the air, nor the soul with artificiality. Instead they will create delight when entered, serenity and health when occupied and regret when departing. They will grow organically in and from their place, integrating people within the rest of the natural world, do no harm to their occupants or to the earth, foster more diverse and abundant life than they borrow, take less than they give back. They will be not only useful but an aesthetic and spiritual challenge”.

Our aim is to make the best use of available land, connecting the family with existing infrastructure and services and providing liveable, chemical free, low-impact housing.