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Essential Oils and Your Healthy Home

Essential oils are a highly concentrated and complex group of constituents derived from herbs, fruit or plants. Their properties and applications are diverse. Essential oils are detoxifying: pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly oxygenating. In fact pure essential oils are scientifically documented to carry the highest level of oxygenating molecules of any substance known to […]

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Autism and environmental influences

A neurodevelopmental condition, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are characterised by deficits in social interaction, impaired communication, obsessive and/or stereotyped patterns of behaviour and repetitive movements (Sealey et al. 2016). Research strongly supports a significant influence of environmental factors in addition to genetic factors in the aetiology of ASD. Up to 40-50% of the variation in […]

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Healthy soil, healthy you!

NOW is the time to become conscious of our dependence on the health of our soil, the health of our planet as a whole and the labour of our organic and biodynamic farmers who nourish and restore our land for our health now and the health of future generations.   This awareness includes being willing […]

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